JACOB BAR SHALOM Jacob is a seasoned Lecturer for senior executives in international forums, specializing in Fin-Tech, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Jacob core values as a Business Consultant are reflected in the branding process and the graphic language; Colors and graphic style that convey business stability, responsibility, seriousness and elegance. The graphic language is used in […]


BIO-BEAT Biobeat watch is a game changer in the field of non-invasive medicine; monitoring of vital signs and other medically relevant parameters. Biobeat’s solution allows patients to be treated at the comfort of their homes, rather than in the hospital. To accomplish this task, the visual language was chosen to conveyed clarity and interest through […]


UNBOUND Graphic design of marketing materials for Unbound.Unbound Tech develops cyber security technology that protects cryptographic keys and passwords. Unbound recently won the prime minister’s award for israeli innovation

Landa Digital Printing

LANDA DIGITAL PRINTING Landa Digital Printing Landa Digital Printing presented the new S10 press which introduced  the most wide color gamut in industrial digital press. The designs reflects this fact by using wide and unusual color combinations that will reflect the press unpresented capabilities. These images were designed as part of sale campaign and company […]