Stargo is on a mission to make shipping as easy as it should be for businesses within the freight supply chain. The company’s suite of pricing, routing, and proposal optimization solutions utilize AI and machine learning to generate optimal proposals from real-time structured data in seconds. We embarked on a journey with Stargo to design a new brand that would completely redefine their look and feel.

stargo website design-1

The Challenge

Stargo was seeking a fresh design for their website, which would enable them to better communicate their product offerings. As a company in the shipping industry, we envisioned a brand that would convey the connectivity and speed of their technology. After conducting market research and in-depth brainstorming sessions with our creatives, we created a fresh new look for the entire site.

The Outcome

First, we created a simple visual language using contrasting colors of dark blue and white, along with icons that capture the essence of the shipping industry. We curated an imagery bank of complementary images with dark tones and a blue hue. Additionally, we incorporated rounded lines symbolizing shipping routes. As a result, the website’s design has been transformed to effectively convey the company’s message to its target audience.


  • New UX/UI design and development for website and mobile
  • Key visuals
  • New visual language
  • Marketing and sales tools and assets
  • Presentations


Without the necessary materials, a reinvigorated brand can lack its full impact. Once we crafted the sleek identity for Stargo, our focus shifted to implementing this contemporary aesthetic across various channels. So, we adapted the modern visual style into sales tools, email promotions, social media assets, branded merchandise, and beyond.