2021 was
both challenging
and rewarding

We welcome you 2022, with open arms…!
But wait! Take a look at what we’ve accomplished together this year!
Much like the previous year, 2021 brought many challenges and uncertainties, but you guys at SAGE didn’t stop for a second
and turned every obstacle into a bold opportunity that swept us along in a flurry of activity, inspiration, and creativity

So… look at how far we’ve come together this year!


The process included the creation of new marketing assets to help Octopai’s product stand out in today’s competitive market.


This year Octopai celebrated the launch of a brand new website!

Octopai Website UX UI Design and Development
Octopai Brand identity
Octopai-Brand identity

And many many many campaigns…!


In just a short period of months, we developed for Radiflow a brand new and comprehensive graphic language
Which translated into a bold and impressive new website

Radiflow 2021

An extreme new branding, with a new logo and numerous marketing assets designs that emphasized Radiflow’s new marketing approach.

The UX/UI redesign process for Radiflow’s product, CIARA, resulted in impressive, new visuals that significantly increased user engagement.


Last year we designed a highly engaging brand new website for Gaviti
This year we continued to work with SAGE side by side, providing a visual manifestation to Gaviti’s marketing assets, helping the client onwards, in his path to further success 

Gaviti 2021

These days we’re refreshing Gaviti’s graphic language, to adequately reflect the new messages that resulted from the growth they experienced.


These past few months we’ve had the privilege to participate in the design process of the new website for the Air Care O2 technology. 

Tadiran 2021

We are continuing our work as the website grows, constantly updating and expanding it, case study, after case study, asset after asset


This year Thinkz got themselves a complete graphic make-over! We designed an edgy and sophisticated new website

Thinkz 2021

We continued, to create many marketing assets designs that match their innovative and futuristic vision

Let us continue to dazzle and impress the rest of the world!

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