Octopai developed an automated, data intelligence cross-platform search engine that enables BI teams to precisely discover and govern their shared metadata. With 100% error proof data mapping, Octopai saves 80% of time and increases BI teams capacity by 2X.

The Challenge

Octopai needed a powerful visual identity to convey the prowess of its platform.

We tackled the brand identity with the thought that the “whole is more than the sum of its parts” in order to assist Octopai in standing out against the competition

Octopai Website UX UI Design and Development

The Outcome

We did a full rebranding process, whereby we completely redefined the visualization of all marketing assets. This included a brand new website that seamlessly incorporated the new visual language and marketing strategy. This wholesome process resulted in a unified look and feel that better communicates the client’s message, both internally and externally.

Brand identity
Octopai Key visuals


  • Brand identity
  • Website UX UI Design and Development
  • Marketing assets
  • Social media assets
Octopai Marketing collateral