Serving CISOs and providing full network visibility, Radiflow focuses on device properties and vulnerabilities, the threat landscape they operate in, their current level of risk exposure as well as threat detection and asset management. At RSA 2022, Radiflow was awarded Global InfoSec with the Editor’s Choice Breach & Attack Simulation and Editor’s Choice ICS/SCADA Security awards. The company was recently acquired by Sabanci Group, market leaders in the financial services, energy, and industrial sectors.

The Challenges

The process began with Radiflow who had an outdated brand look and feel including a cumbersome website with no clear CTAs.  In order to become market leaders in the crowded OT space, they had to refine their brand story and brand identity. The industry they operate in focuses on cutting edge technology and Readiflow had to better visualize their product and brand story. The product itself also had an archaic look and feel that had to be updated.

The Outcome​

The core messaging and visual brand were updated to “Taking Risks? Not with Your OT Security.”
We worked to create brand imagery that supported and enhanced the updated messaging so that website visitors could, in seconds, understand Radiflow’s new brand and product offering.


  • Logo and Typography 
  • Visual corporate identity
  • Visual representation of new brand messaging and brand story
  • Product UI/UX design
  • Website UX UI Design and development
  • Marketing and sales enablement collateral 

Visual representation of new brand messaging

A clear concept was created and visually demonstrated to clearly explain what the product does via the SEE, KNOW, ACT dynamic visual.