Raft Technologies

RAFT Technologies is the world’s leading provider of Skywave (HF) based data network services. RAFT’s fastest wireless communications links connect transcontinental locations with the lowest latency available to date. Our work with RAFT began when the company requested a strategic brand redesign to elevate their look and messaging.

The challenges

RAFT was seeking a fresh brand identity that would embody their values and set them apart in their industry. Being a company in the communications field, we envisioned a brand that would convey the connectivity and speed of their technology. After conducting market research and in-depth brainstorm sessions with our creatives, we created the RAFT brand you see today.

The outcome

With dark background colors and fresh highlights of unique bright green, RAFT’s brand colors perfectly encapsulate the futuristic and interconnected aspects of the company’s technology. We also incorporated the laser beam, a key visual element that ties everything together and clearly portrays what RAFT is all about. Utilizing these brand elements, we created a brand new website for RAFT with optimized UI/UX, as well as an array of marketing and sales assets.


  • New visual language
  • New UX/UI design and development for website
  • Key visuals
  • Fresh logo design
  • Marketing and sales tools and assets
  • Presentations


Creating a new brand is just the beginning. Once RAFT’s sleek identity was built, the focus shifted to transforming that contemporary style into a range of assets. This involved adapting the modern visual identity into sales tools, email promotions, social media designs, branded merchandise, and a fresh website boasting top-tier UI/UX and compelling calls-to-action.